Warning! This CFJ contains Injunctions! 


CFJ 1061 

   Rule 1585 should be interpreted such that a Player who is newly 
installed into an Office does not commit the Infraction of Failure to 
Report (insofar as that Office is subject to such duties) if e posts 
the required Report within a week of eir being installed into Office. 


Judge:       Steve 

Judgement:   TRUE 

Eligible:    Andre, Calabresi, ChrisM, Chuck, Crito, elJefe, 
	     General Chaos, Harlequin, Kolja A., Michael, Murphy, 
	     Oerjan, Steve, Vir, Vlad

Not eligible:
Caller:	     Morendil (not a player)
On request:  Vanyel
On hold:     
Relevant Rules : 1585, 1686
Injunctions: See below


  Called by Morendil, 29 Oct 1997 17:11:54 +0100
  Assigned to Steve, 30 Oct 1997 14:49:06 +0100 (MET)
  Judged TRUE by Steve, 2 Nov 1997 14:10:44 +1100 (EST)


(Caller's) Arguments:

Rule 1686 designates the Infraction of Failure to Report as the "failure to post
the Official Report", an action that the same Rule requires the Officer to
perform "at least once every Nomic Week".  Thus, at the beginning of a Nomic
Week, the current holder of an  Office immediately incurs this obligation, which
is only lifted when  the report is published.

When a new Officer is installed in that same Office (assuming that  the Officer
is a different Player), that duty becomes attached to the  new Officer; further,
Rule 1585 dictates that the timing requirements  under which that duty must be
fulfilled become those of ASAP. Rule 1585 at Power 2 takes precedence over 1686,
which conflicts with it in attempting to impose a different timing requirement
("at least once a week").

It is the *holder* of an Office that is the target of the Infraction,  not the
"Office as a whole" as Kolja quaintly puts it. I would argue  that if the
obligation pertains to the Office rather than the Player,  the Infraction should
be incurred by the Office too. ;)

I ask that the Judge issue an Injunction to Annotate Rule 1585 with  the
attached Statement and list of Relevant Rules.


Decision & Reasoning Judge: 

In the matter of CFJ 1061, I judge that the Statement is TRUE. The Caller's
arguments are persuasive.

I believe it was Crito who suggested that the Statement might be trivially false
because a Player newly installed into Office might violate ASAP by posting eir
Report out of order, even though within the week. But Morendil's rebuttal is
incisive: in that case, the Player would be guilty of Tardiness, but not of
Failure to Report.



Firstly, I hereby grant Morendil's request for an Injunction to Annotate, and
enjoin the Rulekeepor to Annotate R1585 with the Statement and the list of
Relevant Rules.

Secondly, and as required by R1504, I hereby issue an Injunction enjoining the
Clerk of the Courts to vacate the Payment Orders, executed by then- Registrar
Zefram in his 'Salary Report 1997-W43', penalizing Kolja and Steve for Failure
to Report.



Rule 1585/1 (Power=2) 
Official Duties upon Officer Change

      Whenever the holder of an Office changes, any duties which the
      Rules had imposed upon the prior holder of that Office as a
      consequence of holding that Office which have not been fulfilled
      must instead be fulfilled by the new holder of that Office, as
      soon as possible after the change of Officer occurs and in the
      same order in which the prior holder of that Office had been
      required to fulfill them.

      The former holder of the Office is absolved of performing all 
      such duties, any Rule to the contrary notwithstanding.