JUDGEMENT 11 (Speaker) Mon, 16 Aug 93, 14:02:53 Pacific Time

   "In Rule 203 it states that when a new game is begun, all Proposals retain
the 'status' they had at the end of the old game. This status may or may not
include the votes which have been cast upon that Proposal, as said votes
are not explicitly included in this Rule. Therefore, this Statement implies
that those votes *are* included in the 'status' of the Proposal, thus a TRUE
result to this Statement shall uphold that implication."

The Judge for this Statement shall be Richard M Vickery <ucgbrmv@ucl.ac.uk>,
according to Rule 214. As per Rule 215, Richard has one week in which to
return a Judgement of TRUE, FALSE, or UNDECIDED, or he shall lose 10 points.


[Reasons: I interpret 'status' to include all current
descriptors of the proposal, and these include the
time for the close of voting as well as any votes
already cast on the proposal.]