Please note: I have corrected the case sheet for this CFJ to show Andre
as ineligible due to being barred.

                               CFJ 1117

  Players may bar Players from Judgement in the sense of Rule 897 by
  specifying the Players to be barred at a time other than that of the
  submission of the CFJ. 


Called by:           Michael

Judge:               Peekee
Judgement:           TRUE

Judge selection:

Eligible:            Chuck, Crito, elJefe, Kolja. A, Morendil, Peekee, 

Not eligible:
Caller:              Michael
Barred:              Andre
Had their turn:      Ørjan, Macross, Blob, General Chaos, Murphy
Already served:      -
Defaulted:           -
By request:          -
On Hold:             Ørjan, lee



  Called by Michael:                       Fri, 05 Feb 1999 15:55:30 +0000  
  Assigned to Peekee:                      Sat, 06 Feb 1999 10:08:16 +1100
  Judged TRUE by Peekee:                   Sat, 06 Feb 1999 04:30:07 PST
  Judgement published:                     as of this message

Caller's Arguments:

This possibility is not prohibited by R897, and so, by our general
principle of the permissibility of the unprohibited (R116), is
permitted.  The Judge may wish to expand on the effect that a barring
might have if specified after a Judge selection was made.  I think
precedent (specifically, the decision that Players can not make
themselves ineligible for CFJs not yet called), makes it clear that
one couldn't bar possible judges before actually making a CFJ.

Judge's Arguments

I judge the Statement of CFJ 1117 to be TRUE.


I believe the Callers Arguments are correct.

R897 does not specify how or when, a Caller may bar players from judging
a CFJ.  So I believe R116 holds for this case.  Provided that it is
clear which CFJ  the players are barred from, and the person barring
them is the Caller.  (These conditions are obvious from the rules.)  The
time at which the Caller bars them is irrelevant.   Hence, I have to
conclude that the statement of the CFJ is TRUE.

My Opinions:        (As requested from the Callers Argument)

Considering R1860, 

Rule 1868/0 (Power=1)
Selecting a Judge

      Whenever there is an open Call for Judgement to which no Player
      has been assigned as its Judge, the Clerk of the Court shall, as
      soon as possible after being made aware of this condition,
      select a Player to be assigned as its Judge.  This selection
      shall be made from amongst all those Players eligible to serve
      as the Judge of that CFJ.

From my reading of this rule I conclude that if the Clerk of the Court
has not assigned a player to be a judge for a given CFJ.  Then the
caller is still open to bar players, if this is before OR after they
have posted their CFJ.  Provided that there is a clear indication of
which CFJ the Caller is referring to.  This would be most likely done by
number after the CFJ has been called, but could also be achieved by
quoting the statement.

The Caller in my opinion should be allowed to bar players after the
Clerk of the Court has assigned a judge.  This would not change the
judge at that time, but if the judge was then to change, (E.g. the judge
ceases to be a Player.) then the players which the Caller has barred,
would still be barred.

Also I believe that this is entirely different from Players making
themselves ineligible to serve, and so no precedents are broken.  If the
Caller knows who might be biased, then he should be able to bar them.
Also this knowledge could become known to the Caller before or after he
makes the CFJ. I assume CFJ1101 was to prevent blanket ineligibilities.
E.g. declaring yourself in eligible to judge on CFJs 1100 to 2000.  The
Caller could bar players in the same manner only if he was sure he was
going to be the Caller of CFJs 1100 to 2000.  As this is very unlikely I
believe my reading of the rules is in the best interests and the spirit
of Agora.