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    Goethe tried to transfer 2 Stems from Support Your Scret Leader to
    both Sir Toby and Steve, but the transfers were invalid and did not


Caller:                                 Sir Toby
Barred:                                 Steve
Barred:                                 RedKnight
Barred:                                 G.

Judge:                                  Murphy
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Sir Toby:                     21 Jan 2003 20:29:04 GMT
Assigned to Murphy:                     23 Jan 2003 03:07:53 GMT
Judged TRUE by Murphy:                  28 Jan 2003 05:25:50 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

These transfers were prohibited by regluation 6 of Support Your Secret
Leader, since only regulation 5 (the first one) may authorize transfers
*from* the Contest, and the transfers in question did not meet the
requirements of regulation 5 (the first one). Additionally, since the
transfer of Stems did not meet the requirements of the regulations of the
Contest, the transfers were also prohibited by Rule 1910.


Caller's Evidence:

See CFJ 1431.

Rule 1910/6 (Power=1)

      Stems are a Bank Currency.  The MUQ of Stems is 1.  The
      Recordkeepor for Stems is the Payroll Clerk.

      Transfers of Stems are permitted only if at least one of the
      following is true:

      (1) either the transferor or the transferee is the Bank;
      (2) the Stems are to be transferred from a Dissolute to a player
          who has the privilege of Looting the Corpse of that
          Dissolute; or
      (3) the transferee is a Group;
      (4) either the transferor or the transferee is a Money Grubbing
          Contest, and the regulations of the Contest(s) involved in
          the transfer specifically permit the transfer.

      All other transfers of Stems are prohibited.


Judge Murphy's Arguments:

Eris won the Game of Agora on or about January 15, 2003.  By Regulation
4, all Contestants whose Secret Leader was Eris became Victors.  By
Regulation 5, the Contest's 4 Stems were to be split equally among the
Victors, with any remainder staying with the Contest.

Excerpts from Goethe's message referenced in the Statement:

> Steve and Sir Toby both had Eris as their Secret Leader.

> On behalf of Support Your Secret Leader, I transfer from that contest:

> 2 Stems to Steve 2 Stems to Sir Toby

The first part of the Statement is obviously true.

In response to this message, RedKnight COEd that e also had Eris as eir
Secret Leader.  Although I cannot find a message from Goethe that
formally admits this COE, eir subsequent discussion clearly indicates
that e agrees with RedKnight.

By Regulation 5, the 4 Stems should have been split as follows:

1 Stem to Steve 1 Stem to Sir Toby 1 Stem to RedKnight 1 Stem stays with
the Contest

(Even if there were additional Victors, the rest of this response is
still accurate, as long as Steve, Sir Toby, and RedKnight are all

Goethe's attempted transfers were not permitted by Regulation 5, and in
fact were prohibited by Regulation 6.  They were also prohibited by Rule
1910, which requires Stem transfers to/from a Money-Grubbing Contest to
be specifically permitted by the Regulations of the Contest.

The second part of the Statement is true.

Judgement of TRUE is hereby entered.