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    Goethe tried to resign as Contestmaster of the Support Your Secret
    Leader Contest, but was prohibited from doing so.


Caller:                                 Sir Toby
Barred:                                 Steve
Barred:                                 RedKnight
Barred:                                 G.

Judge:                                  OscarMeyr
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Sir Toby:                     21 Jan 2003 21:04:21 GMT
Assigned to OscarMeyr:                  23 Jan 2003 03:08:06 GMT
Judged TRUE by OscarMeyr:               30 Jan 2003 03:15:04 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Rule 1539 says that if the regulations of a Contest do not specify how a
Contestmaster is replaced, the Contestmaster cannot be changed while the
Contest still exists. Rule 1539 goes on to say that, "A Contestmaster may
publicly resign at any time, at which time e ceases to be Contestmaster."
There seems to be a conflict in the Rule in that one section says the
Contestmaster cannot be changed while another says that the Contestmaster
can resign. Clearly, having a Contestmaster cease being Contestmaster is
changing the Contestmaster.


Caller's Evidence:

See CFJ 1431.

Rule 1539/2 (Power=1)
Regulations and Membership of Contests

      No Player within Jurisdiction of a Contest's Regulations is
      bound to obey any Regulation or combination of Regulations that
      conflict with the Rules.

      The Regulations can specify the following:

        i) How a Contestmaster is replaced. No person may become
           Contestmaster without eir consent.  If left unspecified,
           the Contestmaster cannot change while the Contest exists.
       ii) How the Currencies in the Contest Fund shall be spent.  If
           this is not specified, they may only be spent when the
           Rules require it.
      iii) The amount of the Entry Fee for the Contest, in the form of
           units of any specific Currency.
       iv) Additional restrictions on Players to become Contestants,
           and conditions under which Contestants cease to be

      A Player becomes a Contestant by notifying the Contestmaster and
      paying the prescribed Entry Fee to the Contest Fund.  A
      Contestant may quit a Contest at any time by so notifying the
      Contestmaster.  A Contestmaster may publicly resign at any time,
      at which time e ceases to be Contestmaster.


Gratuitous Arguments by G.:

It is important to note special circumstances for this CFJ.

In general, it would be consistent with past practice to argue
that the resignation of the Contestmaster (allowed by the last
paragraph of 1539) simultaneously caused the SYSL Contest to
cease to exist due to lack of administrator, by R1397 last
paragraph and R1527(d).  Thus the R1539(i) prohibition of
changing contestmaster "while the Contest existed" would not
be triggered.

However, since the Contest possessed property, it indeed
continued to exist by virtue of the last paragraph of R1908,
and as long as it exists R1539(i) is in effect.  No matter
how the other CFJs are interpreted, SYSL at all times possessed
at least 1 Fish.


Judge OscarMeyr's Arguments:

As Goethe points out, the SYSL Contest owned property (one Fish) past
eir attempt to resign as Contestmaster, and therefore remained in
existence (potentially as a Dissolute entity) during the period in

I concur with the Caller's argument (supported by Steve's discussion)
that a Contestmaster's resignation is a form of change -- the identity
of the Contestmaster changes from a Player to null.

SYSL did not specify any method to change the Contestmaster.  In this
case, R1539 simultaneously permits and prohibits the Contestmaster from
resigning.  This Rule has been noted to be self-contradictory and

Under R217, when the Rules are inconsistent, I may consider the best
interests of the Game (among other factors) for my decision.

Given the other CFJs working their way through the system and the issues
involved in settling the Contest, I find it in the best interests of the
Game for Goethe to have remained Contestmaster of SYSL, without any
interruption.  This enables em to settle the Contest and distribute its
awards.  Therefore I return a decision of TRUE.