==============================  CFJ 1434  ==============================

    The registration of a Player and the expiration of eir Grace Period
    are both "events" for the purposes of Rule 1769 (Holidays).


Caller:                                 Cecilius

Judge:                                  Pakaran
Judgement:                              TRUE



Called by Cecilius:                     24 Jan 2003 19:10:12 GMT
Assigned to Pakaran:                    27 Jan 2003 18:01:54 GMT
Judged TRUE by Pakaran:                 02 Feb 2003 23:59:59 GMT


Caller's Evidence:


If some Rule bases the time of a future event upon the time of another
event, or requires that a Player perform some action within some time of
another event, and that other event occurs during a Holiday, the time at
which the Holiday ends shall be used instead for the purpose of
determining the time of the future event or of the time by which the
Player must perform the specified action.

This Rule takes precedence over all Rules pertaining to the timing of
events, and over all Rules which require Players to perform events before
a specified time.

(excluding definitions related solely to Sport or Physics)

        a. Something that takes place; an occurrence.
        b. A significant occurrence or happening. See Synonyms at
        c. A social gathering or activity.
2. The final result; the outcome.

Source: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Ed.,
as cited at <http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=event>


Caller's Arguments:

It seems to be common sense that both the occurances cited in the
Statement ought to be considered events.  The term "event" does not have a
Rule-defined definition, therefore the common English one should apply, as
altered by Game Custom, etc.


Judge Pakaran's Arguments:

This Court acknowledges, appreciates, and to some extent understands,
the contribution of maud in providing information about the mathematical
definition of event.

Apparently said definition does NOT exclude registrations, or grace
period expirations, from being Events under R1769.

Since the Rules are somewhat silent, we must consider their intent.  The
Holiday Rules, including 1769, are intended to allow Players who may be
temporarily absent for a Holiday to do so without being penalized for

Since the registration of a player starts a timer during which several
Players must perform such actions as paying the New Player Bonus, it is
logical to conclude that this should not be required during Holidays.

Similarily, the expiration of a grace period, if it did require any
duties to take place, would not require those duties to occur during the

I judge this CFJ TRUE.