==============================  CFJ 1862  ==============================

    Human Point Two bears the Patent Title of Minister Without


Caller:                                 Murphy

Judge:                                  Iammars
Judgement:                              FALSE



Called by Murphy:                       10 Jan 2008 19:47:45 GMT
Assigned to Iammars:                    10 Jan 2008 20:08:29 GMT
Judged FALSE by Iammars:                17 Jan 2008 03:15:02 GMT


Caller's Arguments:

Rule 649 defines Patent Titles as "a legal item of recognition of a
person's distinction".  Human Point Two was a person when MwP was
awarded to it, but later ceased to be a person due to Proposal 5381.


Judge Iammars's Arguments:

Relevant Rules:
Rule 649/25 (Power=1)
Patent Titles

      A Patent Title is a legal item of recognition of a person's
      distinction.  The herald is a low-priority office; its holder is
      responsible for tracking patent titles.

      A Patent Title CAN only be awarded by a proposal, or by the
      announcement of a person specifically authorized by the Rules to
      make that award.  A person so authorized SHALL make the award as
      soon as possible as the conditions authorizing em to make the
      award are posted publicly, unless there is an open judicial
      question contesting the validity of the conditions.

      When a Patent Title is awarded to a person, that person is said
      to Bear that Patent Title.  When a Patent Title is revoked from
      a person, that person ceases to Bear that Patent Title.  The
      status of Bearing a Patent Title can only be changed as
      explicitly set out in the Rules.  The Herald's report includes a
      list of each Patent Title that at least one person Bears, with a
      list of which persons Bear it.

      As soon as possible after a patent title is awarded or revoked,
      the herald SHALL announce the award or revocation.

Section of Rule 1586/3 (Power=2)
Definition and Continuity of Entities

      If the Rules defining an entity are amended such that they still
      define that entity but with different properties, then that
      entity and its properties continue to exist to whatever extent
      is possible under the new definitions.

FACT 1: Human Point Two was a person when the patent title Minister Without
Portfolio was given to it.
FACT 2: Thanks to Proposal 5381, Human Point Two at one time was not a person.
FACT 3: Even though Human Point Two wasn't a person at that time, it still was
a rules defined entity because of its backing contract.
FACT 4: Nonpersons can't have Patent Titles because of the definition of
Patent Titles.

Because of FACT 3, Human Point Two stopped being a person, all of the
properties of Human Point Two tried to exist to whatever extent was possible.
Certain things changed. For example, Human Point Two lost all of his VCs
because ownership of VCs is limited to players and Human Point Two stopped
being a player when he stopped being a person. Because of Rule 1586, the
patent title tries to exist. However, the patent title is no longer a patent
title because of FACT 4. Since the rules don't define what a patent title is
when it stops being a patent title, it becomes something outside of the rules,
which I will call a not-actually-a-patent-title for reference. If Human Point
Two ever becomes a person again, then the not-actually-a-patent-title will
become a patent title again, but until that happens, Human Point Two doesn't
have the *patent title* Minister Without Portfolio, so I judge FALSE.

As a side note, in the case that it was a not a rule change that revoked
personhood, but some other reason, such as ceasing to devolve its legal
obligations onto two of its members, similar reasoning applies. Anything that
applies to only persons tries to go away, but items such as patent titles
can't disappear unless the rules tell explicitly say it can due to the clause
in the rules which mention that. So they also become