JUDGEMENT 24 (David Nicol) Thu, 2 Sep 93


     The Mighty Neat speaker has erred in penalizing me pointwise for
violating rule 357 in a post which was not to the Offical Game Forum.
While posting to Rec.Games.Abstract I am not bound by the rules on e-Nomic:
only when posting to the Nomic Listserv.

Oerjan <oerjan@nvg.unit.no>

I find this statement to be FALSE.
[Justification: Rule 101 states:
101.  All Players must always abide by all the rules then in effect,
      in the form in which they are then in effect.  The rules in the
      Initial Set are in effect at the beginning of the first game.
      The Initial Set consists of rules 101-116 (immutable) and
      201-219 (mutable).
Clearly, no special provision is made for extra-game actions.]