CFJ 30 (Alexx)
The tallies for Proposals 440 through 446, inclusive did not reflect
all of the properly cast votes for those Proposals, and should be
re-tallied after all the properly cast votes have been accounted for.
[Comments:  Well I know *I* submitted votes on all of these, and I
 wouldn't be the least surprised if some other folks' votes got lost
 in the shuffle between speakers.  Yo, Wes!]
Oerjan <>

I judge this statement to be TRUE.

[Justification: It seems obvious, that Alexx would have voted for these
proposals if he could. Currently, there are no rules that would make it
worthwhile for anyone to vote against or abstain from voting on their
own proposals. At the same time, I have not found any other evidence
that Alexx did not vote. I must therefore assume that he did.]
[Comments by Alexx:
 As much as I appreciate being vindicated by Oerjan, I think that no
 action need be taken on those Proposals at this time.  207 clearly
 states that for a vote to be legally cast, it must be received by
 the Speaker within the voting period.  Wes and David both claim not
 to have received any of my votes on these Proposals within that
 time, and I have no evidence to prove them wrong (or reason to
 believe they are lying).  Sometimes, the net just eats a message,
 and this may be one of those cases.  Maybe not fair, but at least
 not malicious.  If Wes or David should happen to discover these
 votes in some forgotten directory with the appropriate dates on
 them, then things would suddenly get very interesting :-)]

{Alexx was CoC at this stage}