Call For Judgement 34

> Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1993 13:26:01 -0500 (CDT)
> Subject: Re: Proposal Queue
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Only the speaker may define what is and is not possible for the speaker to

Ronald Kunne <>

> I Judge this Statement to be FALSE.
> Justification:
> This Judge interprets the Statement as
> "Only the Speaker may determine what actions determined by the Nomic
> Rules he is capable of doing or not doing" as any more general
> interpretation (that is: outside the realm of Nomic) are clearly
> out of his jurisdiction.
> The Speaker, like anybody else, has only limited time available
> to play Nomic. The Statement therefore can only apply to the
> time periods when the Speaker is actively playing Nomic.
> But during these periods he has "to abide by all the Rules in effect"
> (Rule 101).
> That means, that as long as his actions (or lack thereof) are prescribed
> by certain Nomic rules, he does not have any freedom of choice in
> the matter.
> As such the Statement generalizes of course to any Player.
> Rule referenced:
> 101.  All Players must always abide by all the Rules then in effect,
>       in the form in which they are then in effect.  The Rules in the
>       Initial Set are in effect at the beginning of the first game.
>       The Initial Set consists of Rules 101-116 (Immutable) and
>       201-219 (Mutable).