CFJ 38 has been submitted by Wes.  The Judge shall be:
Karl Anderson <>

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> Subject: CLERK: New CFJ's
> To:,
> Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 18:44:38 -0700 (PDT)

> ---
> Rule 106 states that "All Rule Changes proposed in the proper way shall be
> Voted upon." Because Rule 326 atttempts to prevent proposed Rule Changed,
> or Proposals, from being Voted upon, even if they are properly proposed
> (as per Rule 415), Rule 326 is illegal and is entirely void, as per Rule 111.
> ---

> Other Rules referenced:
> 106.  Adoption of a Rule Change:
>       All Rule Changes proposed in the proper way shall be Voted on.
>       They will be Adopted if and only if they receive the required number
>       of Votes and Quorum is achieved.
> 111.  Conflicts between Immutables and Mutables:
>       In a conflict between a Mutable and an Immutable Rule, the
>       immutable Rule takes precedence and the Mutable Rule shall be
>       entirely void.  For the purposes of this Rule a Proposal to
>       Transmute an Immutable Rule does not "conflict" with that Immutable
>       Rule.
> 415.  Submissions of Proposals:
>       A Proposal by a Voter shall be made by submitting it to the Mighty
>       Speaker. As soon as possible after receiving the Proposal, the Mighty
>       Speaker shall assign the Proposal a Number and distribute the Proposal
>       along with its number to all Players.
>       The Mighty Speaker may also make Proposals. The Mighty Speaker must
>       process all pending Voter-submitted Proposals first, and may then
>       Process Proposals of the Mighty Speaker, assigning these Proposals a
>       number and distributing them in the same fashion as any other Proposal.

[Comments from Clerk:  These are tricky.  I am not sure what should
 be done here, but I do urge Judges to take note of Rule 404 as well,
 as it seems to be relevant.]

{ Karl defaulted on 1/10/93, and was replaced by Kirt Dankmyer on the
same day. }

{ 2/10/93: Kirt accepts. }