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CFJ 39 has been submitted by Wes.  The Judge shall be:
Chuck Carroll <>

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> Subject: CLERK: New CFJ's
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> Date: Wed, 22 Sep 1993 18:44:38 -0700 (PDT)

> ---
> Rule 106 states that "All Rule Changes proposed in the proper way shall be
> Voted upon." Because Rule 403 atttempts to prevent proposed Rule Changed,
> or Proposals, from being Voted upon, even if they are properly proposed,
> (as per Rule 415), Rule 403 is illegal and is entirely void, as per Rule 111.
> ---
> Other Rules referenced:
> 106.  Adoption of a Rule Change:
>       All Rule Changes proposed in the proper way shall be Voted on.
>       They will be Adopted if and only if they receive the required number
>       of Votes and Quorum is achieved.
> 111.  Conflicts between Immutables and Mutables:
>       In a conflict between a Mutable and an Immutable Rule, the
>       immutable Rule takes precedence and the Mutable Rule shall be
>       entirely void.  For the purposes of this Rule a Proposal to
>       Transmute an Immutable Rule does not "conflict" with that Immutable
>       Rule.
> 415.  Submissions of Proposals:
>       A Proposal by a Voter shall be made by submitting it to the Mighty
>       Speaker. As soon as possible after receiving the Proposal, the Mighty
>       Speaker shall assign the Proposal a Number and distribute the Proposal
>       along with its number to all Players.
>       The Mighty Speaker may also make Proposals. The Mighty Speaker must
>       process all pending Voter-submitted Proposals first, and may then
>       Process Proposals of the Mighty Speaker, assigning these Proposals a
>       number and distributing them in the same fashion as any other Proposal.

[Comments from Clerk:  These are tricky.  I am not sure what should
 be done here, but I do urge Judges to take note of Rule 404 as well,
 as it seems to be relevant.]

I judge FALSE.

As I see it, the argument here depends on the definition of "in
the proper way."  Rule 106 clearly allows other rules to define
"the proper way" for proposing rule changes.  The question is,
does that limit other rules to regulating only the actions involved
in submitting the proposal, or can they regulate the form in
which proposals are submitted as well?  While my judgement is
admittedly a bit subjective, I would argue that the "way" in
which proposals are proposed includes the form.  As I see it,
the first part of rule 403 can be read as, "The proper way to
propose an amendment to a rule is to (i) explicitly state
which rule it amends, and (ii) fully state the amended form
of the rule."

I find rule 415 to be irrelevant, as nothing in it states or even
implies that other rules cannot impose other requirements that
must be satisfied in order to properly make a proposal.