Judgement 43 (Ronald Kunne) Tue Sep 28 20:16:32 GMT 1993

By using the sentence: "Unless someone pipes up quickly as a volunteer"
the Clerk of the Court effectively choose a successor, as he was
obliged to do, according to Rule 386.

Judge: David Cogen

Judgement: FALSE



From rule 386, and unbiased common sense.

>       .
>       .
>       An Officer may resign at any time, provided he or she appoints a
>       successor.  If an Officer resigns while a Challenger is running for
>       his Office, the Officer may not appoint a successor, but instead the
>       Challenger automatically becomes the new Officer.  In such a case,
>       the Vote for the appointment of the Challenger is rendered null and
>       void.
>       .
>       .

If Alexx had intended to appoint a successor in that way, he would have
said, "I hereby appoint the first person who pipes up as a volunteer as
my successor".


Appeal: (Ronald)  Mon, 04 Oct 93 12:04:40 MET

Appellate judges: Wes            : 
                  David Nichol   : 

Decision: Oerjan SUSTAIN JUDGEMENT (received Mon, 4 Oct 1993 16:49:34 +0100)
          Wes    SUSTAIN JUDGEMENT (received Mon, 4 Oct 1993 08:58:10 -0700)

Two justices having voted to SUSTAIN JUDGEMENT, the original verdict of
FALSE remains the decision.