Judgement 44 (Ronald) Tue Sep 28 20:18:34 GMT 1993

By delegating the distribution of CFJ's and the nomination of Judges
to another Player, the Speaker violated Rule 367, which Rule takes
precedence over Rule 410.

Judge: Vlad (accepted 28/9/93)

Judgement: FALSE (received Sun, 3 Oct 93 23:05:53 -0400)



See my Judgement on CFJ 45, which indicates there is no 367.  Even if
you disagree with that Judgement, however, 367 did not prohibit
delegation of authority. It says the Speaker shall determine the Judge
randomly (to paraphrase). Presumably the Speaker can use aids in
choosing randomly (dice, computer, stocks, etc.) In my mind, the CotC
can be viewed as such an aid, since he/she speeds up the process.