Judgement 47 (David Cogen) Fri, 01 Oct 1993 13:52:13 -0500

Rule 470 has no effect because it is inconsistent.

This rule states that the 5% tax is to be "rounded up to the nearest
integer".  This phrase is ambiguous. Either it means

    rounded up to the next integer


    rounded (up or down) to the nearest integer

It cannot mean both. Since it is impossible to determine which meaning
is intended, this rule cannot be enforced.

Example: 3.2

The nearest integer is 3, but rounding up gives 4. Which is right? Who
can say?

Judge: Vlad (accepted 3/10/93)

Judgement: TRUE



Unfortunately, the statement "round up to the nearest integer" is not
ambiguous. I interpret as "round to the nearest larger integer".  There
are many larger integers, but only one nearest one. Thus the word
'nearest' is needed.