Judgement 50 (Wes) Mon, 4 Oct 93 13:47:07 CDT

Karl has committed a Class A Crime, as per Rule 455, by including an
unapproved Declaration in Proposal 468 (Penal system framework). He
shall therefore be penalized 2 Points as per Rule 425.

   The Voting Periods for Rules 454 and 455 ended on Thursday, September 9.
The Voting Period for the earliest of these Proposals, 468, ended on
Monday, September 20. This is an 11 day difference. It should also be
noted that Proposals 461 to 465 were submitted by us less than 24 hours
before the results of Rules 454 and 455 were posted to the list, thus
making them effective, and they were distributed on Friday, September 17. 
   Therefore, we contend that all of these Proposals were submitted after
Rules 454 and 455 took effect, making them all subject to those Rules.
Even if the borderline cases are removed, each Proposal was submittd later
than the last, with Proposal 475 being distributed a full week after this
date. Therefore, even if the first few are found to be FALSE, for whatever
reason, the later ones should surely be found TRUE.

Judge: Kirt A. Dankmyer