Call for Judgement from Wes (Thu Aug  5 22:19:30 GMT 1993)

   "Rule 101 states that all Players must abide by all rules then in
effect.  Rule 103 specifically includes the Speaker and all Voters as
Players. Therefore all Voters, and the Speaker, must obey all rules
then in effect.
   "Therefore, all Players, including the Speaker and all Voters, must
enforce the rules upon themselves, according to Rule 101.
   "Therefore, Rule 316 does not prohibit any rule which solely
involves the actions of Players, including the Speaker and all Voters,
because all such rules are fully checkable and enforceable by the
Players in question."

I find this statement to be TRUE.


Note: Rule 316 is not made entirely useless by this Judgement, as 316
still prohibits rules that seek to determine the behaviour of entities
not under the control of players in the game. For example, it is my
opinion that 316 would prohibit (or at least deem "not possible") a
rule that stated "The sun shall rise in the morning".

If 316 had required that a rule's application be checkable by all
players, rather than just _a_ player, this Judgement would be quite