[ Elysion: Info taken from The Daily Agoran, vol. 1 issue 1, 11Jan95
 and issue 4, 14Jan95 ]

 Caller: Chuck
 Judge: Vanyel
 "Chuck has filed CFJ 741, alleging that VAVAVAVOOM! ceased to exist.
 He argues that VAVAVAVOOM! was forced to cease to exist when Timothy
 (who was then Vizier) went On Hold on Dec. 22.  Chuck's argument is
 that by assuming that VAVAVAVOOM! ceased to exist at that point, we
 avoid any Rule Conflicts.  The CFJ has been assigned to Vanyel.

 "Several players have spoken on this issue, and many questions have
 been raised.  This is bound to be one of the stickier questions faced
 by Agora Nomic in recent days." [ Elysion: DA, v1I1 ]

 "Steve's Concurring Opinion on CFJ 741 has been officially joined by
 elJefe and Michael.  The opinion indicates dissatisfaction with
 Vanyel's reasoning on that CFJ, without challenging the Judgment

 "The Concurring Opinion suggests three legislative actions, all of
 which seem to be in the works: 1) create a mechanism for dissolving
 groups; 2) remove Officer status from Vizier and OrdinanceKeepor; and
 3) give the On Hold rule more precedence." [ Elysion: DA, v1I4 ]