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From: (Kelly Martin)
Subject: OFF: CFJ764: Judgement
Precedence: bulk
Status: RO

	   (Rule 113 can only be interpreted such that...)

  Judgement:  FALSE

  Judge:   Michael

  Eligible to Judge:  Andre, Blob, Coren, Dave Bowen, Chuck, Elde,
		      Jeffrey, Kelly, KoJen, Michael, Pascal, Steve,
		      Swann, Vanyel, Xanadu

  Caller:  TAL

    Michael receives 3 Points for timely Judgement


  Called Wed, 12 Apr 95 00:19:28 SET by TAL
  Assigned Wed, 12 Apr 1995 00:50 UTC to Michael
  Judged FALSE Mon, 17 Apr 95 16:22:29 BST by Michael
  --> Michael receives 3 Points



"Rule 113 can only be interpreted such that regulation 6 of ElJefe's
`No More Contests' Contest is in conflict with it."

Barred Players: ElJefe



Rule 113 states: "No penalty worse than deregistration [...] may be
imposed.". Well, Regulation 6 of the NMC Contest imposes *two*
penalties on recidivists. There is:
   Anyone becoming Contestmaster via Reg. 5 must within one
   hour both go On Hold, and transfer all eir currencies and
   Points to the Contest Fund.  E may not come Off Hold until
   this Contest is dissolved.
and there is:
   Anyone becoming Contestmaster for the second time via Reg. 5 must
   immediately forfeit the game of Agora Nomic.

Therefore, anyone becoming Contestmaster for the second time looses
all eir Agoran possessions *and* must forfeit.

Obviously, imposing forfeiture *and* confiscation is a penalty worse
than imposing forfeiture alone.

Hence Reg. 6 is in violation of 113 and by 1446 Contestants are not
bound by it.

Consequently the Contestmaster of the NMC Contest, i.e. TAL, is not
bound by Regulation 6.


References (two Rules and the NMC Regulations):

Rule 113/1 (Semimutable, MI=3)
Players May Always Forfeit

      A Player may always deregister from the Game rather than
      continue to play or incur a Game penalty.  No penalty worse
      than deregistration, in the judgment of the Player to incur
      it, may be imposed.

Rule 1446/0 (Mutable, MI=1)

      A contest is a subgame of Agora Nomic, having its own Name,
      Entry Fee, Regulations, Contestmaster, and Contest Fund.

      It is created when a Player posts to the Public Forum an
      announcement of the contest, including the Name and Regulations.
      Participants in the subgame are called Contestants of that
      contest.  The player making the post becomes the Contestmaster.

      The Contestmaster for a given Contest is a Player who has
      responsibility for administering the subgame.  He reports all
      score changes and currency transfers taking place under the
      Regulations, administers the Contest Fund, and maintains the

      The Contest Fund is an entity capable of owning, trading, and
      spending Points or Currencies in the same manner as a Player,
      but only as authorized by the Regulations.

      The Regulations specify the operation of the Contest.  All
      Contestants, and the Contestmaster, are bound by the Regulations
      except where these conflict with the Rules.  They may also
        - how the Contestmaster is replaced,
        - how currencies and Points are transferred to or from the
          Contest Fund,
        - the amount of the Entry Fee for the Contest, which shall be
          in Points,
        - additional restrictions on Players to become Contestants,
        - how the Regulations may be changed, and
        - ways for the Contest to be dissolved.

      A Player becomes a Contestant by notifying the Contestmaster and
      paying the prescribed Entry Fee to the Contest Fund.  A
      Contestant may quit a Contest at any time by so notifying the
      Contestmaster, or by so posting to the Public Forum.

      A contest is dissolved when there is no Contestmaster and no
      provision for replacing em, or as otherwise provided in the
      rules, or in the Regulations.  When this happens the Contest
      Fund is distributed as provided in the Regulations; if no
      provision is made the Fund is divided equally between the

      If according to the Regulations the Contest Fund must transfer
      Points and/or currency to a Contestant, and the Fund does not
      have sufficient resources, then enough of the Contestmaster's
      Points and/or currency are transferred to the Fund to cover the

      If e does not have sufficient Points or currency to accomplish
      this, then each Contestant is given back eir entry fee, and the
      Contestmaster loses the number of Points of the returned entry
      fees. The Contest is then dissolved.

      No Blots shall be assigned by this Rule.

      This transfer is not taxable.  This Rule takes precedence over
      all other Rules which determine which Point and Currency
      transfers are legal and/or taxable, or which would assign Blots
      to any Player.

                      ANNOUNCEMENT OF CONTEST

This announcement creates a contest, named "No More Contests", whose
Regulations are as follows:

  Reg. 1:  The contestmaster is elJefe.

  Reg. 2:  Immediately after this Contest is created, elJefe is replaced
           as Contestmaster by Troublemaker at Large.

  Reg. 3:  The Contestmaster may not create any Contests. E must, if
           possible, dissolve any other Contest in which e is Contestmaster.
           E may not transfer any points to or from other Contest Funds.

  Reg. 4:  If the Contestmaster is deregistered or forfeits from Agora
           Nomic, the most recent Contestmaster still registered becomes
           Contestmaster once again.

  Reg. 5:  In case any player legally creates a Contest, that player
           replaces the current Contestmaster, and becomes the new

  Reg. 6:  Anyone becoming Contestmaster via Reg. 5 must within one
           hour both go On Hold, and transfer all eir currencies and
           Points to the Contest Fund.  E may not come Off Hold until
           this Contest is dissolved.  Anyone becoming Contestmaster
           for the second time via Reg. 5 must immediately forfeit the
           game of Agora Nomic.

  Reg. 7:  The Contest is dissolved when Player elJefe posts
 	   a message so announcing to the Public Forum.

  Reg. 8:  If the Contest is dissolved, the Contest Fund is
           distributed to the Wanderers Contest Fund.

  Reg. 9:  The Entry fee is 1000 Points.


Judgement: FALSE

The text of 113 admits a different interpretation from the one
required of it by the statement of the CFJ.  In particular, it admits
the following interpretation:

   113 consists of two sentences. The first states that a player may
   always forfeit rather than suffer a game penalty.  The second
   states that no penalty worse than deregistration may be imposed.
   The statement's error is to take the second sentence in isolation
   from the first. 

   In this Judge's interpretation, it is clear that the second
   sentence of 113 is a consequence of the first; not independent.
   The second sentence is simply reiterating that a Player may choose
   to forfeit, thereby exempting them from the Game penalty.  The
   second sentence is tautologically true, given the first. 

Having demonstrated that there is another interpretation of 113, one
which does not conflict with regulation 6 of ElJefe's `No More
Contests' Contest, I am free to finish my Judgement (note the
unfortunate use of the word "only" in the Statement).  However, I
should like to point out that this matter has been debated before, and
that the interpretation of 113 that the Statement calls for would lead
to a ridiculous situation.

The careful ellipsis of the words "in the judgement of the Player to
incur it" from the Statement conceals the danger inherent in this
interpretation.  If we were to allow the second sentence of 113
independence from the first (in an entirely separate rule perhaps), a
Player could simply claim that any penalty they might be about to
incur was worse than deregistration, and thereby avoid it entirely
(with the backing of an MI=3 Rule no less).

Game custom and common sense make it clear that this interpretation
was never intended by the author of the rule, and so it is clear that
another interpretation (I provide one above) must govern. 

kelly martin                                 <>

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