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Subject: OFF: Judgement CFJ 772
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 11:54:42 METDST
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Precedence: bulk
Status: RO

		(Player Swann committed an illegal act...)


Judge:		Dave Bowen

Judgement:	FALSE

Eligible:	Andre, Chuck, Dave Bowen, elJefe, JonRock, KoJen,
		Michael, Steve, Vanyel, Xanadu

Caller:		Kelly

Not Eligible:	Kelly (caller)
		Swann, Ian, Troublemaker At Large (barred)
		Blob (1005)
		Coren, Pascal (1005 & On Hold)

Point changes:	Dave Bowen gains 5 points for speedy judgement


	Called by Kelly, Jun 15 1995, 12:35 EST
	Assigned to Dave Bowen, Jun 16 1995, 10:01 UTC 
	Judged FALSE by Dave Bowen, Jun 16 1995, 12:12 UTC



"Player Swann committed an illegal act by submitting the CFJ 711."


Requested Injunction:

I request that if this CFJ is found TRUE that Swann be ordered to
submit a Formal Apology in accordance with Rule 908/3.



The Statement of Swann's CFJ, in part, alleges that the Published Game
State is incorrect, in that it alleges that Kelly has not yet won the
Game.  However, a CFJ which alleges that the Game State is incorrect
may only be made if a prior Claim of Error has been made and either
denied or ignored.  Since this has not happened, Swann's act of making
this CFJ was in violation of Rule 1431/1.


Decision: FALSE


Reasoning: CFJ 711 was not submitted by Swann. (see attachment)



I. Rule 1431/1
II. Statement of CFJ 771


Rule 1431/1 (Mutable, MI=1)
Claims of Error

      If a Player, hereafter called the Claimant, believes any
      official report or document to contain an error, e shall post to
      the Public Forum a statement that e believes the report to be in
      error, specifying the nature of the error, and requesting the
      Player responsible for the document, hereafter called the
      Respondant, to correct the error.  The Respondant shall
      immediately investigate the claim of error, and, as soon as
      possible after the posting of the claim, either admit the claim
      and issue an official correction to the document, or deny the
      claim.  Such admission or denial shall be posted to the Public

      If and only if the Respondant does not admit the claim, the
      Claimant may, within one week of the posted denial (or the
      expiration of any prescribed time limit for the Respondant's
      response), make a Call for Judgement alleging the document to be
      in error.

      If the Respondant does not admit the claim and a subsequent Call
      for Judgement finds that the claim is true, the Respondant shall
      lose 5 points.  The Claimant is responsible for reporting this
      score change when it occurs.  There is no penalty under this
      Rule if the Respondant admits the claim and corrects the error
      without a Call for Judgement having been made.

      A claim is illegal and may not be made if:
        a) another claim has previously been made alleging the same
           error, unless this prior claim was not admitted and the
           time limit to make a CFJ has expired;
        b) the document containing the error was published more than
           21 days prior to the claim; or
        c) the Player making the claim is the same as the Player
           responsible for the document alleged to be in error.
        d) the report in error has been superceded by another report.
      For the purpose of this Rule, an "offical report or document" is
      any report or document which an Officer (or the Speaker) is
      required to maintain by the Rules in the course of eir duties as
      that Officer (or as Speaker), and an "error" is the omission or
      inclusion of any information which causes the official report or
      document to allege that the Game State is in any way different
      than it actually is.

      No Call for Judgement may be made alleging that a document
      contains errors except as prescribed in this Rule.

      This Rule takes precedence over any Rule which might allow a
      Call for Judgement prohibited by this Rule to be made, or which
      might prohibit a Call for Judgement permitted by the Rule from
      being made.

Created by Proposal 1431, Feb. 7 1995
Amended(1) by Proposal 1491, Mar. 15 1995



"Swann was not Tabulator when Kelly spent 5 points to erase a Blot,
 so Swann could not legally remove Kelly's Blot.  The Speaker was not
 acting in the Tabulator's capacity at this time, so the Blot was not
 erased, and Kelly has not yet won the game."


Extra evidence, added by Judge:

================= Judgement: CFJ 711 =================
Caller: Lee
Judge: Quantum Walrus (Waggie)
Judgement: TRUE
Injunction Granted: NO
Barred: None
Date Called: 10/26/94
Date Judged: 10/28/94
Statement: The Group Votes cast by the former Group PROSIRUP on the
Proposals which they voted upon were invalid and should have been ignored.