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From: Andre Engels <>
Subject: OFF: (non?)CFJ 852 Judgement: TRUE
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 96 12:13:54 MET
Mailer: Elm [revision: 70.85]
Precedence: bulk
Status: RO



This message has no legal force, and does not claim to contain any
truth whatsoever in any Gamestate in which Morendil was not a Player 
on 25 January.




Rule 1467 should be interpreted so that only the Mintor of a Currency 
may destroy units of that Currency.


Judge:		Vlad (defaulted)
Judgement:	TRUE

Eligible:	dcuman, favor, Jtael, KoJen, Wes, Zefram

Not Eligible:	
Caller:		Morendil
Barred:		Chuck, Kelly, Steve
On Hold:	Blob, Dave Bowen, elJefe
1005:		Andre, Michael, Murphy, Pascal, Swann, Vanyel
Defaulted:	Vlad

Effects:	Vlad gains 3 Blots for defaulting on Judgement
		Vlad is not eligible to act as a Judge
		Wes gains 3 Points for timely Judgement
		Rule 1467 should be annotated with the Statement
		  of this CFJ


  Called by Morendil, 25 January 1996, 08:56 +0100
  Assigned to Vlad, 25 January 1996, 11:42 MET
  Defaulted by Vlad, 1 February 1996, 11:42 MET
  Assigned to Wes, 2 February 1996, 15:00 MET
  Judged TRUE by Wes, 7 February 1996, 18:54 -0800 (PST)


Requested Injunction:
I request an Injunction to annotate 1467 with this Statement.

Relevant Rules : 1467, 1491.


Arguments :

Another simple one. Rule 1467 states that "The Mintor of a Currency 
is the Nomic Entity which is authorized to create and destroy units 
of that Currency." Well, that's all, really. The Mintor is _the_ 
Entity authorized to do that, so no other Entity may do so.

For a more powerful argument, consider 1011 : the only specified
action which results in creation or destruction of units of a 
Currency is the intervention of the Mintor. So units of a Currency
may *not* be changed by any action other than the intervention
of the Mintor.


Decision & Reasoning Judge:

We hereby Judge this CFJ TRUE. 

It is quite obvious that at this time, the Rules quite clearly state
that only the Mintor of a Currency may create or destroy instances of
that Currency. 

If able to do so, we hereby grant the requested Injunction (Annotation
of Rule 1467) and state that the affecting Rules are 1467 and 1471.