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From: Andre Engels <>
Subject: OFF: CFJ 857 Judgement corrected
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 96 18:50:44 MET
Mailer: Elm [revision: 70.85]
Precedence: bulk
Status: RO



" The Rule that was created by Proposal 2448 should be interpreted so 
that a Transfer occurs under its provisions each time a Player casts 
the Votes it specifies, even if such Votes have no legal effect. "


Judge:		KoJen
Judgement:	FALSE

Eligible:	Andre, Chuck, Coren, dcuman, Doug, elJefe, favor, 
		Ghost, Jtael, KoJen, Michael, Morendil, Wes, Zefram

Not Eligible:	
Caller:		Morendil
Barred:		Kelly, Steve, Vanyel
On Hold:	Blob, Dave Bowen
1005:		Murphy, Pascal, Swann, Vanyel, Vlad

Effects:	KoJen gains 5 Points for speedy Judgement


  Called by Morendil, 8 February 1996, 08:03 +0100
  Assigned to KoJen, 8 February 1996, timestamp lost
  Judged FALSE by KoJen, 8 February 1996, 12:19 -0500


Reasons & Arguments:

The relevant Rule mentions that these Transfers occur 
when the Player casts a Vote, not a _legal_ Vote. The other Rule in 
the Ruleset which calls for a transfer resulting from the casting of 
Votes on a Proposal is 312, which _does_ use the term "legal Vote".  

On the other hand, the Threat Wins Rule only says that the action of 
casting a particular number of Votes results in a transfer, though it 
specifies neither a limit to the time period during which such an 
action should be undertaken nor the time of occurrence of these 

It is therefore my interpretation that Votes which are cast on 2448, 
even if they are not legal, may result in the transfer occurring at 
the time the message casting such Votes is sent.


Decision & Reasoning Judge:

My decision on CFJ 857 is FALSE.

Reasoning: Votes are platonic. There is no "Vote" if it is not a "legal
Vote". Therefore in Proposal 2448, "Vote" can only be taken to mean "legal