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Subject: OFF: Judgement of CFJ 863:  TRUE
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Status: RO

                      JUDGEMENT OF CFJ 863

   Registrar Steve has committed a total of 11 Infractions under Rule
   1599/0, each carrying a penalty of 1 Blot, in not reporting to the
   Public Forum, as mandated by Rules 1007/5 and 1475/0, transfers
   occurring at the beginning to the previous Nomic Week and resulting
   from the payment of fixed weekly Salaries, and these Infractions
   have not been reported by a Player required to report them.


Judge:          Jtael
Judgement:      TRUE

Caller:         Morendil
On Hold:        favor, dcuman

Eligible:       Andre, Chuck, Coren, Doug, elJefe, 
                Jtael, Kelly, KoJen, Michael, Murphy,
                Narcisse, Steve, Swann, Vanyel, Zefram


  Called by Morendil, Mon, 1 Apr 1996 21:07:17 +0100
  Assigned to Jtael, Mon, 1 Apr 96 12:04:07 PST
  Judged TRUE by Jtael, Sat, 6 Apr 1996 23:09:59 -0800 (PST)


Argument : Rule 1007 requires the Registrar to detect transfers
resulting from the payment of fixed weekly Salaries, and report same
to the Recordkeepor of the appropriate Currencies. At the beginning
of the previous Nomic Week, 11 such transfers occurred (there are
13 Officers in all, but the Registrar did not draw a salary and the
Justiciar is not entitled to one), all of which involved Points.

Under Rule 1475, transfers of Points shall be reported to the Public
Forum. In the absence of such a notice to the PF, my conclusion is
that a total of 11 distinct Infractions of the sort described in Rule
1599 have occurred, which Scorekeepor Kelly is (was?) required to

Never draw to an inside straight.

Decision of Judge Jtael:  TRUE


  Steve has not reported these point transfers, as required by rule 1007/5.